The Orchestra Experience - Dominic Alldis

Leadership and Collaboration

The symphony orchestra is one of the most powerful and illuminating metaphors for a large business organisation.

In the Orchestra Experience participants are seated within a live orchestra. Dominic Alldis begins by conducting an inspiring piece of symphonic music, giving participants a rare opportunity to see and hear music being played from inside the orchestra, observe the role of the conductor and orchestral players, and experience the power of non-verbal communication.

Using a series of carefully crafted exercises, participants are invited to engage in an interactive discussion with the conductor and musicians about how playing in an orchestra mirrors the culture of a business organization. Themes explored include the importance of collaboration, listening, trust, preparation and technical excellence, as well as creative freedom within the constraints of a large organisation.  Participants are encouraged to reflect on how an orchestra like any large organisation must adapt and embrace the possibilities of the digital age.  They also learn how the role of the conductor or "maestro" is to realise the composer's intentions and provide a framework in which others can excel.