Inspirational learning events for the world of business

Music & Management creates inspirational learning events for business organisations using the metaphor of music.

A conductor of a symphony orchestra, a jazz musician playing in a band, a composer creating a new piece of music - they all provide extraordinary insights into leadership, collaboration, creativity and personal development, and invite the corporate world to explore new ways of thinking about business practice.

Come and meet us at the CIPD Learning & Development Show at Olympia, London 10-11 May 2017

Musical Experiences


Sit within a live orchestra, listen to a performance and engage in an interactive discussion about leadership, collaboration and trust…

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Listen to a jazz band and discuss improvisation, creativity and risk-taking within a fast-moving commercial world…

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Hear a string quartet perform a classical masterpiece and discuss the coordination and precision needed for high level performances...

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Compare a classical and jazz approach to business and discuss how to balance strategic alignment and creative independence…

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Listen to a piano performance and engage in an interactive discussion about communication, listening, artistry and dedication... 

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Hear a conductor and jazz musician talk about leadership, teamwork and innovation using music as a metaphor for the world of business...

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Dinner courses are interspersed with interludes providing insights into leadership, teamwork and innovation from the world of music...

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Enjoy a fun team-building activity that highlights the need to aquire new skills, teamwork, negotiation, creativity and time-management...

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  • Our audience were more than inspired, they were re-energized by your performance...
    Stéphane Voyer
    Group HR Development Director
  • Such a moving and enriching experience...
    Richard Fernandez
    Director of Senior Executive Education, Google
  • You bring to life what leadership embodies, inspiring our leaders to their fullest potential...
    Lynne Mueller
    Director of Worldwide Training, WPP
  • ... a master of management insight through music...
    Nigel Nicholson
    Professor, London Business School
  • A unique and powerful opportunity for anyone who participates...
    Ellen Shedlarz
    Director of Talent Management, Morgan Stanley