Inspirational musical events for the world of business

Music & Management provides musical events for business conferences and team development programmes. Their purpose is to generate new ways of thinking about business practice through the metaphor of music. 

Using a series of Musical Experiences, participants explore leadership with a symphony orchestra, teamwork with a jazz band, and innovation through the creative process of a composer.  The universal language of music transcends familiar boundaries and facilitates an open discussion about business culture, as well as provide an inspiring vision for today's corporate player.

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Musical Experiences


Sit within an orchestra, listen to a performance and engage in an interactive discussion about leadership, collaboration and diversity…

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Listen to a jazz band and engage in an interactive discussion about teamwork, risk-taking and innovation within a fast-moving business environment…

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Hear a string quartet play a classical masterpiece and discuss the process of preparation and refinement that leads to an exceptional performance...

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Contrast a classical and jazz approach to business culture and how to balance strategic alignment with creative independence…

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Listen to a piano performance and engage in an interactive discussion about listening, communication, focus and passion... 

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Hear a conductor and jazz musician talk about musical leadership, teamwork and innovation as a metaphor for the world of business...

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Dinner courses are interspersed with three musical interludes - leadership and the orchestra, jazz and innovation, and an interactive musical activity...

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Enjoy a fun team-building activity that requires rapid skill acquisition, negotiation, flexibility and time-management...

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  • Respectfully, one of the most unique and enjoyable presentations your team will ever witness and be sure to remember…
    John K Millis
    Vice President, Kimberly Clark Corporation
  • Such a moving and enriching experience...
    Richard Fernandez
    Director of Senior Executive Education, Google
  • Our audience were more than inspired, they were re-energized by your performance...
    Stéphane Voyer
    Group HR Development Director
  • The jazz vision is dead right for today’s organizations...
    Nigel Nicholson
    Professor, London Business School
  • Bringing to life what leadership embodies, inspiring our leaders to their fullest potential...
    Lynne Mueller
    Director of Worldwide Training, WPP